What Are The Pros and Cons of Epson Workforce Pro WF-4740

One of the most well-respected names in the print and media industry is Epson. It has become synonymous with delivering quality prints for both home and office use. It has a wide range of printers that customers could choose from, depending on the requirements of each customer. One of the Epson printers that have gotten a lot of attention lately is the WorkForce Pro WF-4740. If you’re wondering why this particular printer seems to be a subject in various tech forums, then you need to see what makes this printer click among users.

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Print Quality

The print quality of the WorkForce Pro is unquestionable. It can deliver vivid prints that you can be proud of. Both colored and black and white prints are crisp and seamless. When you print on photo paper, you get to enjoy high-quality prints that will call the attention of individuals, both young and old. This machine is perfect for home use where the need for printed documents isn’t that exhaustive. The ones that are being printed at home are those required in school or for personal use. This is where the WorkForce Pro takes the reins. So when it comes to print quality, this one is unquestionable.

Multifunction Printer

Aside from providing you with high-quality prints, the Epson WorkForce Pro also gives you other functionalities. You can scan using the scanner and you can also copy documents. While it may be smaller in size compared to bigger digital copiers, you are assured that it can deliver the same amazing functionalities that many go gaga over new copiers. Don’t worry since the quality of the scanned or copied docs can match that of digital copiers. So it would just be like having your state-of-the-art copier at home when you have the WorkForce with you.

Good Performance

Since it has all the right accessories that you need for you to be able to maximize the printer’s capacity, you can expect ease of use and sheer convenience when using the WorkForce. It has a main tray that can handle 250 sheets. The basis weight that it can accept is at 25#. You can also find a second tray which could hold the full-size paper. This allows you to print letterheads and the like. Hence, you achieve versatility when it comes to paper requirements.


Just like new copiers, the WorkForce Pro could also print on both sides. This printer has auto-duplexing, hence, it can compete head-on with digital copiers. You no longer need to be anxious if you need a document printed on both sides and you’re in a hurry because this printer can do it without a problem. This feature also helps in lessening paper usage, which also denotes savings for you. Since the WorkForce still makes use of ink cartridges, then it would be best to use a bit heavier paper. This will help in preventing ink from blotting the other side, which could ruin both sides instead of just one. So take note of this before you try printing using the printer.

Digital Copiers Still Faster

Although the WorkForce can do the functions that you can find on a digital copier, the latter is still faster in terms of printing and copying. The number of pages per minute that the latter can handle still outpaces the WorkForce.

If you plan to use the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4740, then just make sure that it can match your needs. It may be able to do the functions of new state-of-the-art copiers, however, the speed of the latter can still be unmatched. Nevertheless, if you need non-voluminous prints and copies, the WorkForce can do the job.