In most cases, whatever the kind of printer, it has its own built-in self-cleaning mechanism which can help to block the printer heads and flush the nozzles through air. Through this mechanism, you don’t feel worried as it gives you comfort even without doing it on your own. 

In this article, it will be talking about how every printer self-cleaning works. Here is the quick information that everyone should know.

Using the Self-Cleaning Mechanism 

In this case, this has been considered as one of the simplest ways to clean those blocked printer heads. However, this mechanism will only be used for slight block printer heads. The function will depend on the age of your inkjet printer and cartridges, the older it gets the less will become the method. But at an early age, it can be very effective to use.

This kind of mechanism is available to any brand of printers you have. But its activation may vary to one another. Oftentimes, many of the printer`s brands already have a built-in press button which you can easily press-off while on the other hand, it has a command that needs to be followed in the software. 

Using Air 

Most of the time, every printer has its own built-in air cleaning mechanism that allows pushing of all blocked printer heads and nozzles through its channel. But the intensity when it comes to the self-cleaning process is not that strong. Thus, it only means that if you can find some other way to increase its air pressure then the faster it will clean the cartridges. This can be done through having a right pipe diameter. The pipe must be attached with the nozzle and should handle the vacuum cleaner itself. 

Using Isopropyl Alcohol

Through using the Isopropyl Alcohol it can help dissolve dry ink inside. Remember that the dry ink is one the serious and very difficult to clean with. In the case of the block printer this is very real because of the space which each left ink has a chance to dry. On the other hand, most ink cartridges have a sponge that is responsible for delivery to paper.

But, you have to remember that those sponges were very susceptible to substances. Yes printers have sponge that can dissolve the dry ink quickly but if you cannot properly use it with care, then the more substance it will attach with. And this time, that is a challenge as the printer counters its block head.

Using the Soaking Method

In the block printer head, it has its soaking method which can help you clean the printer itself. If all those methods fail, the last thing that you can try is soaking the block head printer through water. The most effective method but the slowest it maybe. 

Here are the methods that you need to follow in soaking method:

  1. Detach the block printer head and place with clean tissue.
  2. Get a shallow pan and paper or friendly towel and put it near its base.
  3. Take clean water. Water should be heated but not boiled. 
  4. Gently mix the water with ammonia and place it in the pan.
  5. Inside the shallow pan, put the block printer head.
  6. And you need to gently move the block printer head.

Final Words

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Ideally, every printer works daily and every other day. What you should remember not to do is to let your printer lie fallow for more than one week as it will not result in a printer block head but may even harm and be dangerous which can cause damages over time.