5 Things to Look For In an Office Copier or Printer

Are you frustrated with an office copier or printer that does not function as required? If yes, you should think about looking for another one. When you have a new one, it offers you access to valuable features to improve business efficiency. Plus, it upgrades document security, improves energy efficiency, and reduces downtime. Indeed, selecting a new copier or printer can be difficult. It will require balancing so many choices available, including unique office needs. 

Security & Features

Just remember that a copier linked to a network opens chances to allow possible hacking in obtaining sensitive data. Just think closely about it; the equipment connected to emails and Wi-Fi are pathways to this kingdom. So, ensure the copier has multi-layered and built-on security alongside encryption. It must also offer control through the activity of a user. It must enable security measures ensuring irretrievable information, from unauthorized users. It helps if it provides features erasing data after every use.

Each business would prioritize various functions in office equipment. When working in an office that requires a fast printing process, you’ll like one with a different feature set. If you’re an educator, you would need to print a file from a healthcare facility or cloud requiring EHR compatibility.

Think about features: the user display friendliness, print speeds, USB or media port, software integration or cloud files access, scan capabilities, and finishing options. 

Service and Supplies

It can just be easy to overlook the copier supplies’ logistics. But then, they can be a continuous purchase affecting the bottom line. However, some copiers or printers are more costly than others regarding an output level not needed. If you’re the kind who waits for a car’s check engine light or gas illumination, you must search for an office copier or printer with service monitoring, automatic replenishment, & usage tracking. It helps you not to get zeroed on supplies. Plus, your copier or printer will continue running. You also will know the costs upfront. 

Mobile Print, Scan, and Copy

Work is not connected to the desktop anymore. The same is true with printing, too. If you’ve walked into a building to grab some lunch and get a document as well, it’s ok if you have forgotten press printing on it. The good thing is that most copiers can copy, scan, and print from a phone.

Wake/Warm-up Speeds & Color Consistency

The copier warm-up minute is longer than a treadmill minute and microwave minute. This is true if you’re already late for a meeting. Copiers and printers differ from five to forty-five seconds in the warm-up speeds. Some of them feature a walk-up and built-in sensor, making them ready for action. If you value time as it means money for your organization, you must focus on the warm-up speeds.

Copiers are monochrome in color, white and black. So, consider the documents you print, helping you decide if your limit to white and black is realistic and possible. If you need color, it’s likewise essential to ensure the printer or copier opts to offer a color consistency system or Pantone matching. This will best provide color output in high quality. 


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Are you searching for something that does the essential functions like scanning, printing, and copying 8.5-inch by 11-inch documents? Are you seeking to use the most advanced finishings and features such as stapling, punching, booklet making, and more? These are essential things to consider when opting for an office copier or printer. If you understand and know more about your business needs for a copier, it will be better. 

So, keep these five things in mind when looking for an office copier or printer!