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What To Look For In A Perfect Copier For Rent?

Leasing a high-quality copier for your business allows you to upgrade to newer models with ease and lower cost than buying a copier. The company that leases the copier to you usually will handle all the repairs, easing the maintenance burden on your company. When leasing a copier, you need an understanding of how you will use the machine so that you can rent the model that best fits your needs. Reviewing the terms of the lease is also the key to getting the best deal for your rented copier. 

It is best to analyze your copier need by tracking the number of copies that you make each week and the kind of copying projects that you do. Contact different companies in your place that lease copy machines so that you can have an idea of how much the lease will cost. Ask for a copy of the lease terms so that you can compare what is included in the cost. You can check on how often the company will come out to service the copier or if there are charges for repairs. 

Work with the companies so that you will know which copiers they have that are available for lease that may meet your copying needs. Ask for a list of features on each of the models so you can narrow it down to which company and which copier you want to rent. Examples of features include collating, double-sided copying, stapling, and printing different sizes of documents. Compare the copying speed and the memory that is available on each machine. 

Also, it is best to ask the company that you want to rent from to bring the model of the copier that you are considering so you can test it out. The company has a showroom, and you may have the option of seeing a lot of copiers at the location. Test a sample page of copying that you would normally do and test out the extra features that you plan to use, like stapling and collating a packet or printing on a legal-size paper. 

Review the final lease contract before you sign it. You must focus on the length of the contract, the overall cost, the extra fees, the service schedules, the availability for repairs, and your responsibilities for maintaining the machine while you lease it. For example, you will likely have to purchase your own toner, which the copier company may need you to buy from it. Look for extra fees like charges for printing large quantities or a fee when you turn in the copier at the end of the lease as your business lawyer to review the terms of the lease to make sure that there are no issues that could cause a problem in the long run. 

Remember that a multifunction printer may be an option for a start-up business or a small business because the machine handles printing, copying, scanning, and faxing from one machine. This can save you money over buying individual machines, and it can also save space in your office. If you have multiple employees who will use the same machine, it is best to consider the ability to network the machine so that all workstations have access to the printing function. Regular copy machines may also handle scanning. 

The controls of the machines are also important because they affect how easy it is to use the copier. It is best to choose a copier with intuitive controls that allows you to understand how to use all the functions. Check the displays on the copier, and you test out the controls. You can try different function to determine if it is difficult to switch from one to another. 

It is also best to choose an energy-efficient copy machine with the Energy Star label because it can help save you money on utility bills while reducing the environmental damage that comes with high energy consumption. The machine also stays cooler as it works so that you can avoid an increase in office temperature during frequent use. 

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